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please put in an option to change it to english.

best game forever

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did this game cost you money t o make

gostei muito do jogo o ruim e que nao da para salvar o jogo :( 

good job, i like your game, enjoy ! my monitor is 1920x1080, thanks !

If all the stuff like the description and title for the game are in English, why is the game itself some other language? And perhaps you could change the controls from arrow keys to w/a/s/d

The game was developed by two developer, my part of the work I did it in english, but the second developer did it in French, and we had no more time to correct it. XD 

Sorry for the controls, i made them for  AZERTY keyboard . 

I am going to be making a video maybe more than one depending on how much there is to this game is there anything you think I should look for or do in your game in particular 

Thank you for asking, yes you can play until you can make the gun, and build a small base, it's around 30min of gameplay, I hope you will like my game. 

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Please add more Resolutions! I have a 1440x900 Monitor and there is no resolution like that, so i have to play in 1366x768 Windowed :(

Edit: And make a Language selector, and add english language please!

Could you make this game multiplayer? Since you used Unity to create the game it should come easier.

nice idea that would be fun to play it Co-op

Yes it is planned for the game since the start, the game is made to be a multiplayer

can this game become first person shooter that will be the coolest way to play

yeah it will be like minecraft too!

i like to hear that great job bro your game will the best add some creepers to become a minecraft so you add zombie so add creepers too

Yes creepers should not be too hard to add XD